Mini Miners
  • Age :
  • Players :
    2 - 4
  • Duration:
  • Release year :
  • Creator :
    Jerome Badoux
  • Illustrator :
    Jean-Christophe Diehl
  • Graphic design :
    Jean-Christophe Diehl
  • Languages :
Mini Miners is a Familly + game made to gather beginners and more seasoned players around the same table. In Mini Miners you play Dwarven Clans, you will hire miners and equip them before sending them down a dangerous mine with the hope to gather more gold then your opponents. Each dwarf will have a unique ability and each tools you will equip them with will offer them extra bonus abilities. Combine them and combine the effects of each of your dwarves to bring out as much gold as possible. Be an efficient miner or play dirty tricks to your opponents, down there, the Dwarven Laws do not apply.

This immersive game will ask players to strategically select their dwarfs, to equip them smartly and to place them wisely in the mine. But luck will also be part of the adventure, fiving beginners chances to compete against veteran players, and different optionnal rules will allow you to play a game adapted to your needs.